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At Webbox.com.ph, your Web Presence is our Business. Yes, that’s our claim, Did you know that having an online presence is very popular, just give your domain name to your customer and they will see all the details about your business, sometimes they will see your site through search engines like google, yahoo & bing and your website is your 24/7 sales agent. It might be your competitor/s have that one too, lets make a perfect website for your business to compete them, and we’ve glad to help you. We can keep your website always visible…


Our mission is to provide affordable and quality services through modern web technology for our Filipino community around the globe.

Our vision is to be a global leader in information technology that provides high…..excellent…… and to be of help in our clients in reaching their goals through web technology innovation through modern technology to the Filipino and Foreign clients all over the world.

-Serve our client in a prompt.
-Friendly Manner

Work-Life Balance. Respect. Commitment. Passion. Excellence.

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